Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hungarian Roma protest against racially motivated murders

A blood stain marks place where a member of Hungary's Roma community was shot and killed.

His was the seventh Roma death in Hungary in a year and the third fatal shooting targeting the Roma community in the past five months.

In March a father and his five year old son were killed as they ran from their home which had been set alight.

The incident mirrored a similar attack on a man and woman in November.

Police are so concerned over the spate of attacks they have offered a 222,000 dollar reward for information.

Meanwhile the Roma community staged a protest in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Speakers criticised the the criminal justice system and people's complacency over the attacks.

Roma people say the marches of the far right radical extremist organization, Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard) have legitimized the anti-Roma feelings in society by openly talking about what they call Gypsy crime.

Hungary has one of the largest Roma communities in eastern Europe, which makes up between 5 and 7 percent of the population. They have remained on the margins, lacking jobs, wealth and proper education for decades.


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