Friday, August 28, 2009

Romani children used in Nazi racial studies (Video)

Mulfingen, Germany
probably 1943
[Silent, 1:37]

Eva Justin was an assistant to Robert Ritter, the Nazi "expert" on Roma (Gypsies). She studied these Romani (Gypsy) children as part of her dissertation on the racial characteristics of Roma. The children stayed at St. Josefspflege, a Catholic children's home in Mulfingen, Germany. Justin completed her study shortly after this film was taken. After the completion of her studies the 148 children used in the study were deported to the "Gypsy Camp" at Auschwitz on May 9, 1944. Soon after their arrival, Josef Mengele arrived at Auschwitz, some of the children were subjected to his experiments and most where eventually killed in the gas chamber. Justin was indicted and put on trial in 1960 for "deprivation of liberty resulting in death committed by an official of the state" (Freiheitsberaubung im Amt mit Todesfolge). She was not convicted.