Friday, March 6, 2009

Women protest against 'rape' in Northeast India

Naked women protestors shout slogans against the alleged rape, torture and murder of 32-year-old Thangjam Manorama Devi by paramilitary soldiers in Imphal, capital of northeastern Indian state of Manipur, Thursday, July 15, 2004. In a highly unusual protest, some 40 women stripped naked and staged an angry demonstration outside the Assam Rifles base to protest the death in custody of 32-year old Manorama.

The death triggered a violent campaign against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act act, (AFSPA) forcing the Manmohan Singh government to constitute the Justice B.P. Jeevan Reddy Commission, which recommended repeal of the act as did the Administrative Reforms Commission. But the government is yet to act on them.


  1. disgracefull for indian army shame on them all

  2. woooow indians
    u had a party :S

  3. Hi
    Firstly, let me introduce myself, please:
    I'm preparing a Paper to be presented at an International Conference. I shall be using all the data that I have already gathered personally. In addition, I shall need your full support and cooperation in collecting as many authentic incidents of rape, molestation & torture of our sisters in the North East by the Army & Air Force, and the number of cases that were 'reported' but never investigated or whose Investigation Reports were never published or wherein the guilty persons were acquitted on the ground of 'lack of evidence'; or the Writ Petitions that were dismissed by High Court on grounds that appear to us as unreasonable and motivated.
    Thanks & Regards
    Prof G Kumar
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  4. what about kashmir , you dont want tp collect data about kashmir, the rape done by army, airforce or police?

    1. Nah- you can email those reports to the Pakistani government

  5. My husband was raped by Indian
    Police when he was 5...on a roof in ahmedabad...he was then beaten up by his mother for being gay!!! He remembered only when he was 39 and is traumatized for life which effects the whole family.